MN507 Global Health Agenda: Expert Example

MN507 Global Health Agenda Essay


  • What are some of the opportunities that are available to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the advance of the World Health Organization (WHO) global health agenda? Global Health Agenda
  • Describe how the application of multiculturalism and diversity practices and policies can impact the organization you work in respect to those opportunities. Summarize what you have learned in this course to advance how the role of an advanced practice nurse can influence this global approach.



Global Health Agenda Essay


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Opportunities Available to Develop an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Advance of the WHO Global Agenda

The WHO envisions achieving universal health coverage by 2030, a vision aligned with the sustainable development goals. To drive this agenda, the healthcare sector must be devoid of health inequities (Bloom et al., 2018). An assortment of factors may be held culpable for these inequities, including disparities in socioeconomic background, environment, and intrapersonal and interpersonal structures.

It is imperative to address these factors individually to achieve better outcomes. For instance, healthcare should be affordable, acceptable, and accessible. Healthcare costs must be subsidized, and this can be achieved by ensuring everyone has insurance coverage to cut down on out-pocket payments (Bloom et al.,2018).

Furthermore, treatment modalities must be aligned to the community’s culture to enhance acceptability. In contrast, accessibility can be improved by building more health facilities and empowering the community to embrace the concept of primary health care. The services provided must be free of prejudice regardless of gender, age, sexuality, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

How the Application of Multiculturalism and Diversity Practices and Policies Can Impact the Organization You Work in Respect to Those Opportunities

Espousing multiculturalism and diversity creates a sense of belonging among healthcare personnel and patients. These two concepts promote improved patient outcomes since the healthcare worker can demystify the patient’s perception of illness and tailor the treatment accordingly (Gopalkrishnan, 2018).

The physician is obliged to educate the patient on misconstrued perceptions about the disease. Moreover, diversity ensures the elimination of racial disparities that may hinder minority groups from seeking treatment.

Summary of Lessons Learned in This Course to Advance How the Role of an Advanced Practice Nurse Can Influence This Global Approach

In a nutshell, sustainable development goals are achievable, and healthcare workers should be the champions. Nurses are obliged by the Hippocratic Oath to provide treatment to the best of their capacity and, in doing so, avoid causing harm to the patients. Therefore, they must align their goals to the WHO agenda of ensuring health for all (Crisp et al., 2018).

They can do this by sensitizing the public on primary preventive measures for diseases and simple regimens for minor ailments. Furthermore, nurses must be empathetic and embrace a multicultural approach to caring for patients.


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