Public health-655-Topic 2 DQ 1- The State Of Global Health-Please see upload for full question.

Public health-655-Topic 2 DQ 1- The State Of Global Health-Please see upload for full question


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Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations’ agenda of the seventeen sustainable development goals has been termed a special gift to the people worldwide (Colglazier, 2018). The sustainable development goals act as pillars to create change in the economic, social, and health sectors. The main aim is to achieve strategic development in all three sectors and mainly include all people across the globe. In commemoration of the sustainable development goals, the United Nations has managed to work on projects and programs focusing on humanity and health to achieve the goals and partner with stakeholders of private and public organizations.

Based on the statement, sustainable development goals are roadmaps and not a menu. I support the goals being roadmaps because they indicate strategic plans that describe goals on achieving the desired outcome. On the other hand, they cannot be referred to as menu because menu entails just a list of plans with no directives or plans on how to achieve the outcome.

Most of the sustainable goals are related to health in one way or another. In this case, I will refer to goals number five and six, respectively; Gender equality and clean water and sanitation. Gender equality has enhanced the achievement of equality in gender and empowerment of women and girls. The women and girls can access education and acquire jobs in society, thus being independent and caring for their families. Accessing safe, clean water and sanitation have reduced people’s chances of contracting infectious and waterborne diseases.

Sustainable development goals focus on protecting humanity, providing a safe environment, and promoting good health. Therefore, goal 3 is a core issue in achieving the three outcomes. Goal 3 entails two critical issues: health, that is, it is a universal right and essential in promoting safe, sustainable development settlements in other countries (Colglazier, 2018). On the other hand, welfare entails both physical and psychological factors that function interchangeably in achieving sustainable development goals.

In achieving sustainable development goals as a global society, I would encourage the United Nation’s team and stakeholders to ensure that worldwide monitoring and evaluation of sustainable goals is conducted consistently to show the progress of the goals (Bali Swain & Yang-Wallentin, 2020). Another action would be ensuring that the nation understands the objectives of the sustainable development goals through educative programs and global projects and programs.



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