global warming case study

Week 7 Global Warming Case Study Numerous people indicate that global warming is an issue for the future of the environment. Others disagree with the idea that global warming is even a concern. Your task this week will be to dissect articles that reflect both sides of the global warming argument.

Your assignment for this week is to find two articles that discuss the issue global one. One article should state that global warming is an issue and the other article should state that global warming is not a real concern.

– Summarize each article, focusing on main ideas and primary examples (2-4 Paragraphs)

– Discuss the relationship between the articles and key terms and ideas in social psychology (2-3 Paragraphs)

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– Describe which side makes a more compelling argument and utilize social psychology ideas to support your decision (1-2 paragraphs)

– Provide APA citations for both articles and additional references.

Grading:50 points – summarizes two articles related to global warming – one for and one against.

50 points – discusses the issues the topics of the articles in relation to social psychology terminology30 points

– conclusion using social psychology ideals on how to change the issues of gender in the workplace.20 points – for orderly presentation in subsections, freedom from spelling and grammar errors, and use of APA style citations and reference page.