Topic 2 DQ 2 -Public Health Data Collection and Descriptive Statistic

Topic 2 DQ 2 -Public Health Data Collection and Descriptive Statistic



The mean, median, and mode are measures of central tendency. Explain why these measures are crucial to public health data analysis.


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Measures of Central Tendency

The measure of tendency entails a single significance representing the features of the data mean, median, and mode. All three measures of central tendency play a vital role in elaborating more on public health matters. For instance, the mean is affected by the extreme variables that are known as outliers. Median refers to the middle number in the distribution ranked in the data, while the mode is that variable that occurs regularly in the distribution (Irmiya & Kyarshik, 2020).

Importance of Measures of Central Tendency

Public health data analysis helps in determining appropriate treatment methods for illnesses. For the data analysis to be efficient and effective in analyzing epidemiology, measures of tendency have to be applied. This study will focus on the importance of measures of central tendency to public health data analysis. Some of the benefits of the measures are as follows:

Responsible for determining the average life of the population (Ali et al., 2019). Public health has managed to prolong the average age of both women and men. Data collected from the population based on a specific health condition is analyzed to reduce the mortality and morbidity rate. The people’s average life is then extended through enhanced medication and treatment methods—statistical data help in deriving such medical interventions that can sustain the lives of individuals for many years.

Measuring the public health efforts. Determining public health efforts is possible through vaccination use and its reactions on the population (Ali et al., 2019). The vaccination method has shown to be effective in preventing several infectious diseases in the past years. Measures of central tendency have helped establish the value of vaccines by distinguishing between factual and non-factual problems and stability between benefits and harms. Based on the above assumptions, it is evident that public health data analysis can only be substantial for public health with the help of measures of central tendency. Most aspects of data analysis in public health required accurate measurements, comparisons of variables that are only possible through median, mode and mean.


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