Public health-655-Topic 5 DQ 2 Upstream Issues And The Economy

Public health-655-Topic 5 DQ 2 Upstream Issues And The Economy


Topic 5 DQ 2

Do you think that global health policies on trade are necessary to build community capacity and ultimately support the health of the community?

Yes, I believe that global health policies on trade are vital in enhancing the capacity of communities and subsequently supporting the health of such communities. Global health policies on trade can help to eliminate health risk factors caused by trade, environmental degradation, and the production and marketing of unhealthy products. Through the establishment of global health policies on trade, the risk factors for different diseases can be eliminated, which can positively support the health of communities. The establishment of global health policies on trade can also help to build community capacity on more sustainable ways of production and trade that will enhance the health of communities (Barlow et al., 2017).

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Assess how a populations needs are met by discussing how trade can positively impact a community’s health. Provide two examples of goods or services as support.

Trade can have a positive impact on a community’s health and play a significant role in helping to meet the population’s health needs, such as through direct finance and also in the production and distribution of health-related services and goods and even people(Barlow et al., 2018). Through trade, communities can therefore be able to access new knowledge and technology such as genomics that can improve their health. On the other hand, through trade, communities can access services from knowledgeable health care professionals that can help them deal with diseases and improve health (Barlow et al., 2018).


In contrast, discuss how trade can negatively impact a community’s health, providing support using two examples of goods or services.

On the other hand, trade can negatively impact a community’s health, for example, by increasing the exposure to infectious diseases as a result of rapid cross-border transmission of different forms of communicable diseases (Labonté, 2019). Trade can also increase the risk of chronic diseases in communities through advertisements and promotion of unhealthy products or behaviors such as fast food and smoking tobacco (Labonté, 2019).



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