Nursing Theory

Review some nursing journals that deal primarily with education, research, or administration, such as the Journal of Nursing Education, Nursing Research, or the Journal of Nursing Administration, and discuss the current topics that are emphasized in these journals.




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Nursing journals

Nursing journals comprise evidence-based research and resources that nurses can use to enhance their nursing practice. They are educative enough to allow communication and critiquing of information provided to improve the effectiveness of the nursing profession through the provision of quality patient care. They facilitate nursing theories, fundamental theoretical frameworks, approaches, and evidence-based interventions. This study reviews the current topics discussed in nursing education and research journal.

Nursing education journal

The nursing journal in review is; Ethics Education in Nursing Practice. The nursing education journal suggests the benefits of ensuring that nurses are morally and ethically prepared to undertake clinical practice (Hoskins et al.,2018). The journal implies ethics education in nursing practice because the education enables nursing students to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for improving clinical expertise and building strong relationships with patients in enhancing quality care and improved patient outcomes. Despite the improvement in nursing practice, the nurses must observe and adhere to clinical ethics from the moment they begin their practice. Therefore, prior preparedness through training is crucial in maintaining the appropriate ethical standards.

Nursing research journal

The nursing research journal is; Home Care Nursing in a Changing Healthcare Landscape (Melby et al.,2018). This research journal investigates the frequent changes in healthcare settings, especially in home care nursing. The main aim is to emphasize that change in the nursing profession is a must, and therefore, health professionals should train nurses adequately to manage the changes and adapt to them. Nurses should always be mentally and physically prepared to multitask, especially in situations of shortage in staffing. Therefore, nurses must advance their education to the highest levels to manage the workforce stressors and changes that come with them. These processes during the changes will also help them understand their patients’ needs and provide quality care.




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