PHN 652-Topic 4 DQ 1-Public Health Nursing Assessments

PHN 652-Topic 4 DQ 1-Public Health Nursing Assessments


QUESTION- TOPIC 4 DQ 1 What techniques can be used in conducting a community health needs assessment? Which technique do you feel is the most effective?



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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community health needs assessment has a more significant impact on the healthcare sector. The assessment process assists in the identification of community health problems. Through the assessment, the community health workers and health practitioners can improve the community’s health needs, thus promoting quality care among the population (King & Roach, 2016). The study focuses on community health needs assessment techniques and the most effective one at the community level.



The survey technique helps collect concrete and conclusive data from the community, especially in a large population. Data is collected using questionnaires or personally structured questions, face to face interviews. Surveys are effective at community levels because of the simple language type conveyed in the forms or used by investigators to collect information from the community members (Mabunda et al., 2016). Their responses make it easier to determine the community health need and the appropriate manner to handle them.

Key Informant Approach and Community Forums

This technique enables information to be gathered in a more specific way. The assessment is conducted based on those people who are more knowledgeable about a particular issue in the community. Most precisely, those community members who have been in the community for a long time and understand the community both internally and externally. An assessment conducted through community forums, like women-focused groups, helps know the exact problem affecting the people.

Most Effective Technique

All the techniques are crucial in conducting the community health needs assessment. In this case, I will choose the survey as the most effective one. This is because, through survey, an assessment can be conducted in a more randomized and inclusive manner. The survey targets anyone in the community and thus takes part in the process as they represent the community population. This enables the participant to give views and opinions based on experiences (Mabunda et al., 2016).


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