Classmate Response (1) PHN 690- Topic 1: Standards of Public Health Nursing Practice (Please see upload for question and classmate’s essay)

Classmate Response (1) PHN 690- Topic 1: Standards of Public Health Nursing Practice (Please see upload for question and classmate’s essay)



QUESTION- PHN 690-Topic 1 DQ 1

Compare similarities and differences of ANA Public Health Nursing (PHN) Standards, CAL Public Health Nursing (PHN) Standards, and the ANA Standards of Professional Performance. Discuss the importance of standards of practice and how they guide your practice and inform nursing care. Explain the role of the advanced public health nurse as a trusted source of information.

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Classmate (Diane) essay reply to the question above

The ANA professional standards serve as a guide for nurses in the United States. This guide defines the obligations of the nurse. Further, it reflects the values and priorities, and provides direction and framework from which to evaluate the professional practice (ANA, n.d.). Some examples of professional performance standards include quality of care, performance appraisal, education, collegiality, ethics, collaboration, research and resource utilization (Breece, 2022).

When nursing judgment is called into question, the Standards of Professional Performance are used to determine if other nurses in a similar circumstance would act in the same way, based on education. As well, the standards protect the public and the nurse (Breece, 2022).

When comparing the ANA public health nursing standards, with the aforementioned, broad standards for nursing, there are similarities and differences. Though the nursing standards apply to all nurses, the public health nursing standard focuses on the public health nurse’s scope of practice.

Additionally, the ANA empowers nurses to practice at the full extent of their expertise (ANA, n.d.). The ANA goes on to state that the public health nurse’s responsibilities are ever developing as the needs of the public change (ANA, n.d.).

The public health nurse in California must be certified by the California board of registered nurses. The California public health nurse provides direct patient care and maintains public health such as promotion, prevention, screenings, for all ages (California Board of Registered Nurses, 2022). However, the title of public health nurse may not be used unless the nurse holds certification (California Board of Registered Nurses, 2022).

These standards are set up to both protect the nurse from litigation, and the public from harm. Therefore, it is important for nurses to be familiar with the standards so as to stay within the scope of practice.

The advanced public health nurse’s role is to remain unbiased in disseminating the most up-to-date information that is scientifically based. Thus, excelling in research, collaborating with stakeholders, and remaining a student of information is important. This type of nurse can shape community health, legislation, and public education; while evoking trust in the profession.



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Classmate Response (1) PHN 690

Although there are some differences in the ANA public health nursing standards, Cal public health nursing standards, and the ANA Standards of professional performance, the main similarities are that different standards of care play a significant role in providing a reliable framework of expectations for advanced public health nurses when they are conducting their duties. Professional standards of practice are therefore important in nursing because they help in ensuring safety and clinical efficiency. Standards of practice are utilized by nurses in the development of competency checklists that evaluate whether nurses are adhering to specific professional guidelines and organizational standards (Halcomb et al., 2017).

The advanced public health nurse plays a significant role as a trusted source of information, especially because search nurses will be in direct contact with patients, which will increase their direct influence on the health and well-being of patients on a day-to-day basis. The frequent contact between advanced public health nurses and their patients allows them to be in a good position to encourage important lifestyle changes in individuals and communities and provide adequate education for healthy living, especially among vulnerable members of society (Vaismoradi et al., 2020). Because of their qualification, advanced public health nurses are also a trusted source of information on different health issues that affect individuals and communities, including infection prevention, immunization, crisis response, and environmental health. Advanced public health nurses can be able to take advantage of being reliable sources of information to have a significant impact on the public health of the communities they serve as a whole. Advanced public health nurses can therefore rely on nursing scope and standards of practice to be able to perform to the full extent of their knowledge and expertise (Vaismoradi et al., 2020).


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