1. How do you feel about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiatives? Discuss ways a community nurse can help with the goals.


  1. Many resources are spent on recruiting foreign nurses. It is a fast-growing private sector business. If the United States and other industrial nations put their resources into fixing the problems that lead to this shortage of nurses, would the need to recruit foreign nurses decrease? Why or why not?



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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Initiatives
I think that the sustainable development goals initiatives (SDGs) can play a significant role in enhancing a more equitable and just society. Currently, society is defined by significant inequalities based on an individual’s background, such as race, religion, and geographical region, among others. The SDGs can therefore help to deal with the issue of inequality across the world through various initiatives such as ending poverty and hunger, promoting health and well-being, enhancing access to quality education, ensuring gender equality, and making sure that everybody accesses clean water and sanitation (Bali Swain & Yang-Wallentin, 2019). A community nurse can also play a significant role in helping in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This can include helping formulate and enact healthcare policies that promote good health and well-being of community members and access to clean water and sanitation (Smith, 2020). Through advocacy and lobbying, a community health nurse can help local authorities understand the SDGs related to health and formulate laws and policies to promote the achievement of such goals. Community health nurses can also take their own personal initiative to ensure the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, for example, by actively being involved in the promotion of health and wellness in their community, such as through community teaching seminars.
I do not think that if the United States and other industrial nations put their resources into educating more nurses, recruiting more foreign nurses would decrease. This is because the United States and the industrial nations are experiencing a population crisis where there is a significant proportion of older people than younger people. The lack of a young workforce in the U.S. is therefore not an issue related to an interest of people in nursing but the challenge of an aging population.
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