MN506 Global Nursing Shortage: Expert Sample

Essay Instructions


  • Evaluate the effects of the global nursing shortage on health policy.
  • How has the shortage affected the United Nations Millennium Development Goals?
  • Analyze how nursing ideas, values, and beliefs impact policy agenda. Identify when the policy can dictate treatment options.


Global Nursing Shortage essay


The nursing shortage is a significant concern in the healthcare system since it affects the delivery of healthcare and the quality of care given. Such shortage can be attributed to various factors, for instance, the global migration of nurses.

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Effects of the Global Nursing Shortage on Health Policy

Nurses form the most significant proportion of healthcare professionals; hence their shortage significantly affects care delivery. This raises concerns about addressing this issue, primarily through introducing policy changes. The impacts of the global nursing shortage on health policies are mainly experienced in the funding of the policies (Drennan & Ross, 2019). There is a need for increased funding to improve the healthcare infrastructure. Such shortages have also resulted in a change in the workforce policies, recruitment, and retention policies as governments strive to retain their nurses and prevent migration to other countries, which result in shortage.

How the Shortage Has Affected the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

The UN Millennium Development Goals aim at improving and strengthening care delivery globally. However, the global nursing shortage affects these goals since nurses are critical in providing healthcare and enhancing access to healthcare services. Such human resource shortages also make it challenging to expand healthcare provision, given that nurses form the most significant percentage of caregivers. Besides, a shortage of nurses results in the deterioration of healthcare and subsequently makes it challenging to achieve millennium development goals (Miyamoto & Cook, 2019).

How Nursing Ideas, Values, and Beliefs Impact Policy Agenda

Nurses have a critical role in the development of policies. As the primary caregivers, nurses are often in constant contact with the patients and the hospital environment; hence understand the various patient needs and challenges affecting care delivery. Nurses can lead policy developments to improve care delivery and patient outcomes through this knowledge, effective communication, and collaboration with other health team members (Premji & Hatfield, 2016).

When Policy Can Dictate Treatment Options

Policies guide care delivery. Policies guiding healthcare costs and insurance coverage can help in directing care provision. Treatment options should be individualized according to the patient’s needs and the affordability of such services. Therefore, policies directing insurance coverage and advocating for delivery of quality of care services determine the treatment options available for the patients.


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