Internal culture

Discussion Post

Internal Culture

Identify specific practices and programs used by organizations to facilitate team work and promote high performance among employees. Discuss effective communication strategies you plan to use to lead inter-professional teams and partnerships.
Initial post: Reflection, application with exemplar and resources. Maximum of 500 words with 2 APA 7th edition resources.
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Internal culture

Organizations are very competitive in facilitating high performance among their employees. Organizational culture varies depending on the size, practices, and programs. The practices and programs used by various organizations to facilitate teamwork and promote high performance among their employees are more likely similar. However, the techniques used in applying these strategies might be different. This study identifies specific practices and programs used by organizations to facilitate teamwork and high performance among their employees and effective communication strategies that I can apply in leading inter-professional teams and partnerships.

Practices and programs used by organizations

Organizations use the following practices and programs to enhance teamwork and promote high performance among their employees: Assigning leadership roles and appointing leaders within the team members, outlining clear goals, facilitation and encouragement on clear, open, and effective communication, investing in diversity, and provision of incentives and motivation. Organizations assign leadership roles and appoint leaders by observing their performances, such as productivity and leadership skills in the team. For instance, if an employee is always taking part in most of the organization’s roles voluntarily without expecting any reward or even assisting fellow employees in solving conflicts, they obviously portray leadership skills. Therefore, the organization’s manager will appoint this employee as a leader to help them improve their leadership skills and be able to attain leadership in the future, thus allowing them to grow self-wise.

Organizations outline clear goals to enhance effective teamwork and high performance. For instance, high-performing teams have clear goals to carry out their roles (Society for Human Resource Management,2018). Organizations link their mission and values to employees’ roles to enable them to understand the strategies. A clear definition of employees’ roles encourages them to carry out their duties diligently because they know the expectations and outcomes of their roles towards the organization’s overall performance. Open communication encourages employees to freely address issues that affect them in the organization and find problem-solving techniques among them. Organizations tend to invest in diversity because people from different backgrounds and cultures provide insightful innovations that improve the organizations ‘outcomes. Incentives and motivations are mostly rewarded to employees who show progress in various organization sectors. For instance, if an employee has provided better invention techniques that have increased the productivity of an organization, they are rewarded to encourage other employees to enhance and make good use of their abilities and talents, to improve performances.

Effective communication strategies

Communication is vital in managing and controlling the organizations’ activities. Every organization uses communication strategies that can either increase or reduce the organization’s outcomes (Musheke & Phiri,2021). Therefore, organizations need to apply effective communication strategies that communicate their missions and values to the employees to enhance high performance. Some of the effective communication strategies that I plan to use in leading inter-professional teams and partnerships are: I will be concise and clear when communicating with the team. For instance, when I want to give instructions for a specific activity, I will ensure that I go through the document and understand the essential elements that need to be communicated, summarizing only the vital information to avoid wasting the team’s time. I will engage active listening skills to lead the inter-professional team. This will be done by engaging them in asking questions and providing answers as a team. Every team member will have a session to make complements and any other issues that need to be addressed. I will be open-minded to the team’s ideas and opinions on various activities that will be conducted in the organization. For instance, giving them an opportunity to raise their views and opinions is a good way of getting to know if at all whatever I have communicated has been understood. If not, I will elaborate further.


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