Topic 5: Upstream Issues And The Economy

Topic 5: Upstream Issues And The Economy


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Why is Trade a Critical Determinant of Public Health?

Trade has a tremendous impact on public health since it regulates the accessibility of products and services, including health products and basic life necessities. It influences the travel of people from one region to another. Trade treaties and laws determine a region’s economic status and affect the relationships between regions. Primarily trade involves the exchange of commodities, including goods and services. During this exchange, business people from different regions get to travel and interact, which at times facilitates the transmission of infectious agents from one country to another. (Labonté, 2019).

Public health relies on healthcare products to ensure a healthy community. Trade ensures that these products and resources are available to different regions. Food trade ensures that countries are able to access all the essential food products for healthy individuals and communities, which promotes public health in such countries. Trade treaties and regulations affect the economic status of a country or a region, where favorable trade treaties and regulations ensure improved economic growth in such countries, improving public health. Trade laws and regulations promote the production of healthy and environmentally friendly products, which serves to promote public health (Koivusalo & McCallum, 2021).




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