Nursing Theory


Please use information provided and use reference given. Examples should be applied to Emergency Room setting

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an important topic in healthcare organizations. How could you apply EBP in your current nursing practice? Please provide examples.


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Evidence-based practice ideology is essential in health care. It entails a wider health research concept that focuses beyond traditional ways and beliefs of nursing, that is, scientific techniques that are evidently proven with healthcare practitioners. Evidence-based practice in nursing involves the application of current evidence in studies to make the best decisions in improving patient care. Therefore, the interventions being implemented by health practitioners must satisfy the patients’ needs and their wellbeing. Evidence-based practice is essential in emergency room settings in various ways.

Application of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Evidence-based practice is a key principle in medicine today, especially in an emergency room. This practice is based on analysis, and it helps in giving quality safety and ensuring the needs of patients are adhered to (McEwen & Wills, 2014). There are many evidence-based practice applications in nursing under the emergency room setting.

One application of evidence-based practice in an emergency room setting is control of  infection. Infection is the last thing a patient needs to get when they visit an emergency room. As an emergency room nursing practitioners, I need to follow evidence-based infection control policies, including keeping the emergency room setting clean, putting on protective gears, providing handwash, and providing barrier precautions.

Another EBP application in the emergency room setting is encouraging good interaction between the nursing practitioner and the patients. These interactions lead to good relations between the nursing practitioner and patient, which increases better treatment plans. Good interaction also eases research on the illness.

Another application of evidence-based practice in an emergency room setting is the use of oxygen on patients. It is essential that as a nurse in emergency room settings I must follow EBP to provide oxygen to patients. Although there is a belief that oxygen can create serious health issues to patients, EBP will help to provide oxygen to COPD patients. This helps prevent organ failure and allows the COPD patient to live longer. Therefore, evidence-based practice is crucial in the emergency room in that it helps in the evaluation of outcomes such as providers’ satisfaction, turnover, improved patient outcomes, and healthcare organizations’ costs.



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