NR509 Week 2: Shadow Health Assessment Assignment

Need to fill out the SOAP Template

1. Before initiating any activity in Shadow Health, complete the required course weekly readings and lessons as well as review the introduction and pre-brief
2. Complete the Shadow Health Concept Lab prior to beginning any physical assessment assignment
3.Gather subjective and objective data by completing an appropriately detailed health history and physical examination for each physical assessment assignment
4. Critically appraise the findings as normal or abnormal
5. Based on the history and physical assessment findings, develop one primary and two differential diagnoses for the focused assessment assignments
6. Create treatment plans that include each of the following components for a comprehensive treatment plan: diagnostics, medication, education, consultation/referral, and follow-up planning
7. Complete the post activity assessment questions (if applicable) for each assignment

Summarize, organize, and appropriately document findings using correct professional terminology in the SOAP Note Template and submit to this assignment

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