Topic 6: Regression- TOPIC 6 DQ 1-The question is on Topic 6: Regression

Topic 6: Regression- TOPIC 6 DQ 1-The question is on Topic 6: Regression



Given the limited amount of statistical calculations required by some public health positions, explain why it is important for you to know how to utilize appropriate software to analyze public health data. Support your ideas with reasons, facts, and examples.


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Utilizing Appropriate Software to Analyze Public Health Data

Public health relies on data to make decisions that will make a difference in the lives of the people. The presence of detailed and in-depth information facilitates the making of informed decisions. Public health departments globally have embraced the use of data for practical use. The advancement in technology and the increase in population demand appropriate software to analyze data in public health (Dash et al., 2019). This paper focuses on the importance of utilizing appropriate software in analyzing public health data.

The use of appropriate software in analyzing public health data saves time and money. With the increase in population, there is a likelihood of an increase in the health information of the public members. To analyze the information faster, I will need the help of other public health nurses. The involvement of other nurses may take a longer time, and it may require additional funds hence becoming costly. With appropriate software, I will analyze the data fast, and I will get time to offer other health services. For example, the Electronic Health Records (EHR) software will record and store all the patient information recorded during an encounter. With the software, minimal time is needed in accessing the information.

Appropriate software ensures data protection. As a public health nurse, it is crucial to have the patient’s data safe from unauthorized access. Most of the information in public health is confidential, and only authorized persons should access it. The breach of data in healthcare has dire consequences both to an individual or even the entire organization (Crowhurst & wells, 2019). As a nurse, I should guarantee the privacy, freedoms, and privacy of patients. Appropriate software plays a vital role in protecting information from unauthorized access hence the protection of patient data.


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