Topic 4 DQ 1- Public Health Nursing Assessments

Topic 4 DQ 1- Public Health Nursing Assessments


TOPIC 4 DQ 1 -PROF RESPONSE (2) What is community engagement and why is it important when conducting community health needs assessments?



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Community engagement

Community engagement is proficient in improving quality care and maintaining the health and wellbeing of the population. It entails the process of working with the community members, who share the same interests in managing the health problem that is affecting them and looking forward to a positive outcome (Rowe et al.,2019). Health workers can work with the groups within the community by involving them from the planning stage to the implementation stage for active participation because they influence the project positively. This study discusses the meaning of community engagement and its importance in conducting community health needs assessments.

Importance in conducting community health needs assessment.

Community engagement is a central key section in the process of conducting community health needs assessment. Through engagement, health organizations can understand the community’s state of health based on how much the community participates. This involvement also strengthens the relationship bond between the community and the health organizations, thus making it easier to identify the community health needs and the risks associated within the community and increasing collaboration, especially on the most prioritized issues.

The main attribute is the healthy bond it creates, enabling the community to take charge of their health, especially on health issues that require preventive care, thus only seeking healthcare at the hospitals when only necessary or in a critical condition. An efficient health needs assessment can only be conducted through community engagement, as the intervention is directly related.  (Den Broeder et al.,2017). They need to participate actively to continue caring for their health and wellbeing hence reducing unnecessary financial expenses on hospital visits.


Community engagement is necessary for improving the health and wellbeing of the community. Their participation is needed to strengthen both external and internal links between the community and the healthcare organization for the sustainability of healthcare programs among the population. If the community interests are not considered, the community healthcare needs assessment might not be so influential in promoting quality care and wellbeing of the people because the community is clueless about what is being done. This can lead to low productivity in the wellbeing of the population and poor healthcare outcomes.


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