Public health-655-Topic 5 DQ 1: Upstream Issues And The Economy-(Please see upload for full question).

Public health-655-Topic 5 DQ 1: Upstream Issues And The Economy-(Please see upload for full question)


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Topic 5 DQ 1

 In what ways have global health initiatives had positive and negative impacts on medicine access?

In the late 20th century and the 21st century, there have been numerous global health initiatives that have mainly focused on improving the health of marginalized populations, especially in middle and low-income countries. Global health initiatives have had a significant positive impact on medicine access which have included rapid scale-up and delivery of vital medication, greater stakeholder participation, and avoiding bureaucratic procedures that can hinder the distribution of important medicine (Boyce et al., 2021). Global health initiatives have had a positive impact on medicine, especially in marginalized communities across middle and low-income countries, through the implementation of rapid scale-up of the manufacturing and distribution of vital medication. This has greatly contributed to the improvement of health outcomes in marginalized communities (Olusanya et al., 2021). Global health initiatives have also promoted greater stakeholder participation which has encouraged effective ways of determining the demand for medication in needed areas and efficient distribution of such medication. Finally, global health initiatives have also helped in the avoidance of bureaucratic processes that hinder medication access, especially in marginalized areas. Through avoidance of bureaucracy, global health initiatives have therefore been able to promote the availability, affordability, and safe and effective use of medication in marginalized communities across the world (Olusanya et al., 2021).



On the other hand, global health initiatives have had a negative impact on medicine access which have included the distortion of recipient countries’ national policy and also re-verticalization of management planning and monitoring and evaluation systems (Beaman et al., 2018). Most global health policies have significantly distorted the national policies of the country that receive aid such as medication. Global health initiatives have also ignored the available structures to distribute medication and monopolized management planning monitoring and evaluation systems (Olusanya et al., 2021).

Does this affect global health security? Why or why not?

Global health initiatives, in general, have had a positive effect on global health security by ensuring access to medication in areas where such medication is needed, which helps prevent global outbreaks (Beaman et al., 2018).



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