Personal Nursing Philosophy

Personal Nursing Philosophy


As you finish this course, your philosophy of nursing has probably changed. As a final review, polish your philosophy of nursing based on your newly acquired knowledge.

Also, write a summary reflection answering the following questions based on the readings and discussions throughout the course:

As an art and a science, how has your personal nursing philosophy unfolded?
Have there been ideas that have challenged your personal values or assumptions?
Have there been ideas that have caused you personal conflict and may lead to deconstructing those dispositions in a critical manner?
What actions have you taken that illustrate your personal nursing philosophy?
Describe your own definition of the concepts involving the meta-paradigm of nursing.
Has your first written philosophy of nursing changed? In what ways?
Your paper that includes both your philosophy and reflection together should be 2–3 pages in length, in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins. If outside sources are used, they must be cited appropriately.

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Personal Nursing Philosophy

As an art and science, my nursing philosophy is based on caring, which forms the theoretical framework of my nursing practice.  Therefore, in my nursing philosophy, I take nursing and caring as being based on a relational understanding of the connection and unity between the patient and the professional nurse. Therefore, I believe that caring is the most important element of nursing that nurse practitioners should consider in all their tasks. In my nursing philosophy, I try to maintain the art of caring as an important concept that provides the moral foundation of my profession. On the other hand, maintaining care in my nursing practice will entail the application of science and art through scientific research and theoretical concepts. The nursing profession is also continuously committed to the art of caring as the main identity of the nursing profession and providing caring behaviors during the various nurse-patient interactions (Jasmine, 2019).

In nursing practice and during my personal nursing philosophy formulation, I have not experienced ideas that have challenged my personal values because most of the highlighted values support my personal values and assumptions. Having grown up in a large family, caring and service to others were significantly valued and encouraged in my family. Therefore, my personal values of caring and service to others have been supported and strengthened by the nursing discipline.

The only ideas that have caused personal conflict in my nursing practice are ideas related to informed consent and patient autonomy. Personally, I believe that individuals, including nurses, should always strive to do well at all times, even when the recipients of the good acts may not appreciate it. However, in nursing practice, the ethical principle of autonomy and informed consent prohibits healthcare practitioners from adopting any interventions even if they are beneficial to patients without receiving adequate informed consent from such patients. Therefore, a personal conflict of doing good and respecting patient autonomy can emerge in emergency cases or cases where a nurse practitioner may feel that the patient does not have adequate information to make informed decisions related to certain interventions or treatment.

Over the years, I have taken several actions to illustrate my nursing philosophy based on patient-centered care. These have included seeking to provide empathetic holistic, and culturally sensitive care to all my patients. Utilizing my nursing philosophy, I feel that it is important for me to be a provider advocate and leader to my patients, which can help me deliver the highest quality of care to such patients. Basing my nursing philosophy on holistic care has enabled me to understand the needs of all my patients, including emotional, social, environmental, psychological, and physiological needs, among others, to provide quality care to my patients. I have also relied on my nursing philosophy to remain compassionate and try to understand my patient’s needs in the different aspects of their life such as physiological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, in providing care.

Metaparadigm Concepts

My personal nursing philosophy involves the four metaparadigms of nursing: health, person nursing, and the environment. In my personal nursing philosophy, I believe that the nursing profession is about patients. Taking care of patients involves adopting a holistic approach that considers the various elements of an individual’s life, such as their environment, neighborhood, culture, and mental state, and not just their physiological illness. I believe that in the practice of nursing, a patient cannot be treated unless the various elements of their life such as environment, culture, mental state, and the neighborhood where they live are considered (Deliktas et al., 2019).

In my nursing philosophy, I believe that the person is an important element of nursing. Therefore, the person will be central to nursing processes and should be the recipient of all the nursing interventions and care practices. Considering the person in my nursing philosophy, I believe that nurses should take a lot of care in evaluating the environment in which a patient lives as environmental factors contribute significantly to an individual’s health.

Related to the metaparadigm concept of health in my personal nursing philosophy, I believe that health is not only the absence of diseases. I, therefore, believe that an individual might not be affected by certain diseases and illnesses but might still not be healthy. I, therefore, view health in the form of the illness-wellness continuum with various factors such as an individual environment, lifestyle, culture, emotional, and psychological state determining where they lie in the illness and wellness continuum (Deliktas et al., 2019).

Finally, related to the metaparadigm concept of the environment, I view the environment as the surroundings of a patient that will significantly impact their health. A patient’s environment will therefore be made up of physical and nonphysical elements. Both physical and nonphysical elements contributing to an individual’s environment will therefore have a significant impact on their health.





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