Nursing Theory


Select one of the future issues presented this week. Examine the issue in terms of cultural diversity, health promotion, and communication methods. Discuss in detail how this issue affects healthcare delivery and advanced nursing.

Please use information presentation as one of the references

Must use Emergency Department for any clinical practice reference/example

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Demographic Changes

According to McEwen and Wills (2014), demographic changes are one of the future issues likely to affect the healthcare system in the United States. The demographic trend poses a threat to the practice of medicine and the utilization of limited resources. The expansion of the aging population will contribute to the high number of aging-related diseases and conditions while the healthcare resources are expected to be strained. This will have a negative impact on the national health care systems and the quality of life.

Cultural diversity in healthcare refers to the workforce of different ages, multiple races, ethnicities, gender, and orientations. The demographic change will impact the cultural diversity in the healthcare emergency department. The number of aged patients is likely to increase. Most healthcare workers will experience high burnout rates in the emergency department (Georgiev, 2020). There will be a change in the ethnic and racial composition of the workforce due to the rapid growth rates of the minority populations and immigrants.

The demographic change will contribute to challenges in planning health promotional activities. The change in the age distribution will require a change in the health promotional activities. The increased number of the aged may lead to an increased number of cases of chronic diseases that will demand a specific appropriate health promotion activity. Different communication methods work differently with different populations. The communication methods appropriate for the aging population are different from the communication methods of a younger population.

In conclusion, demographic changes impact cultural diversity, communication methods, and health promotion activities. The increase in the aging population will demand a change in the communication methods and health promotional activities. Several health-promotion activities will have to be created to target the aging population, where attention will be shifted to tobacco use cessation, physical activity promotion, and good nutrition.





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