Nursing Research

Nursing Research


Please write 5-6 sentence response to each topic question. Please provide one reference per topic. Department is Emergency Room.

Topic 1:

How does the focus of research and evidence-based practice (EBP) differ? Discuss the application of research findings into evidence-based nursing practice.

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Topic 2:

Provide a specific example of evidence-based practice used in your work facility or within the nursing profession. Were there any challenges or barriers to implementing the evidence-based practice? If so, how were they overcome?





Topic 1: Research and Evidence-based Practice Differences and Application

The research uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies to investigate and identify new knowledge to add to existing knowledge. Evidence-based practice(EBP) is the process of making practice decisions that incorporate the best research evidence available with their practice expertise and with client attributes, values, preferences, and circumstances (Grove & Gray, 2018).  Research findings are used as a scientific basis for the justification of a given medical practice. They act as a point of reference for nurses to determine whether a particular medical decision has been proven successful through scientific research. For instance, research findings have been used to develop evidence-based practices in the emergency room, such as infection control policies, standard operating procedures, and improvement of the standard of care given to patients.

Topic 2: Evidence-based Practice used in Nursing Profession

Infection Control

Hospital-Acquired infections (HAI) are diseases contracted by patients while they are in the hospital environment. A report by the Center for Disease Control on HAI indicated that one in 31 patients contract an infection during their hospital visit ( 2021).In our organization, evidence-based infection control policies are vital in preventing HAIs, especially in the emergency room. These policies integrate medical research findings with our nursing expertise and patient records and contribute to developing processes and activities that aid in preventing and treating HAIs. One of the policies implemented in our emergency room by nurses includes restricting movement in and out of the emergency room through barriers. These barriers ensure un-sanitized people and unsterile equipment do not enter the emergency room. Our other policies include practicing proper hand sanitization, wearing personal protective clothing like gloves and protective wear, and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the emergency room. The main challenges facing EBP in nursing in our organization is the shortage of nursing staff and lack of access to a large library containing nursing research articles. We addressed these challenges through recruitment of more nurses and using online libraries which have much more research articles than the physical library at the hospital.



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