How would you critically use research to resolve a discrepancy between professional standards and actual practice observed within your facility?

Must be related to Emergency Room


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Research is essential in solving health problems that threaten patient outcomes and safety. Most of the research designs and methods effectively assess data, analyze, and implement effective evidence-based interventions that can help solve health problems (Korstjens & Moser, 2017). Many studies differ in their work and thus require health organizations to understand the purpose of using specific studies before settling for one. An emergency room is a crucial sector of a health organization that needs evidence-based intervention to manage its problems, such as overcrowding and delays in waiting time. This study discusses how I would critically use research to resolve discrepancies between professional standards and actual practice observed within the emergency room.

Research in Solving Discrepancies

Most studies have emphasized the health organization’s focus on professional standards that are rarely practiced as expected. Health practitioners are occasionally seen practicing care the actual way, especially in some circumstances, when patients are not cooperating or even in distress to think independently. Due to unexpected events in the emergency room, there tend to be discrepancies between professional standards and actual practice observed. The following is a procedure on how I would use research to resolve this discrepancy:

I will conduct an assessment using a suitable assessment needs tool to determine the problem causing the discrepancies. Develop a research question using the assessed problem. For instance, if the problem causing the discrepancies is medical errors in the emergency department, I will develop my question using this problem. Apply the most suitable evidence-based intervention to manage the discrepancy problem by analyzing several pieces of research on evidence-based interventions.  Ensure the intervention is valid and useful by integrating it with other health practitioners in the emergency room and other staff members in the organization to check their satisfaction. Patient satisfaction and preferences are also crucial in solving this discrepancy. If both the patient and health practitioners’ preferences match the intervention, I will apply for suitable research work and conduct an evaluation.


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