Strategic Plan Mission and Vision (Essay Sample)

You will now review the mission and vision statements for the organization relevant to your Strategic Plan or, if those statements do not already exist, draft new ones. As you prepare to review or draft your mission and vision statements, consider how they will guide the project and ensure that you keep the intended audience in mind.

To prepare:

  • Review the information related to the planning hierarchy and mission and vision statements in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • If mission and vision statements do not exist for your Strategic Plan organization, you will need to draft them.
  • If your organization already has mission and vision statements, review them and consider how those existing statements may be tailored to support the development of the mission and vision statements for your Strategic Plan.
  • Consider the following with respect to your Strategic Plan’s mission and vision statements:
    • How effectively does this mission statement articulate the organization’s purpose?
    • How effectively do the vision statements reflect future aims?
    • Do the mission and vision statements convey who (which groups) the organizations serve? Do they indicate obligations to various stakeholders?
    • Are the statements an appropriate length?



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Strategic Plan Mission and Vision

Our organization’s strategic plan is to sort out funding and ways to manage the organization’s healthcare branches. Since there is no existing mission and vision for the strategic plan, there will be new statements creation.

Mission: Our Mission is to boost integrity, inclusivity, compassion and provide a more people-centric environment.

Vision: The organization’s vision is to provide unmatched leadership that will boost the organization’s sustainability and competitiveness in offering quality healthcare and patient-satisfactory services.

The reason for drafting a new vision and mission statement was to ensure that the statements fit the objective and goals of the strategic plan. According to Elrod et al. (2017), when creating an organization’s vision and mission statements, the main factors to consider is the project’s five to ten years plan, big dream, and ensure that the statements are inspiring by avoiding the use of excessive jargon. All these considerations should also ensure that the statements align with the goals and values of the project. Furthermore, considering that the strategic plan revolves around activities aiming to improve healthcare services, there was a need to ensure that the statements are more people-oriented.

Mission statements are essential to healthcare organization projects since it helps the project leaders have a clear purpose and meaning. Jayasinghe (2017) accentuates that mission statements are essential since they also help the project team be more motivated and increase employees’ effort towards investing more in the organization’s culture. Therefore, the mission aim in the strategic plan is to help the healthcare staff that the organization operates under inclusivity, integrity, and compassionate grounds to ensure that they create a better environment for all people. Hence, when trying to streamline the organization’s funding and management challenges, the stakeholders will acknowledge that the only way the strategic plan will succeed is by incorporating leadership that will help achieve quality healthcare and patient-satisfactory services (Bhavnani et al., 2017).


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