NU 611 Clinic Decision Making

NU 611 Clinic Decision Making


The Clinical Foundations Proficiency Exam is a content diagnostic exam that tests your content knowledge from Advanced Health Assessment, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Advanced Pharmacology.

This is a mid-program assessment of your knowledge of concepts that are key for success in the clinical environment.

Additionally, your performance on this exam provides you and the program faculty with valuable and predictive information about your success on the FNP certification exam which you will take at the end of the program.

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NU 611 Clinic Decision Making
NU 611 Clinic Decision Making

Students who score at or above the benchmark score will be deemed as proficient and may progress to population-based clinical courses and are excused from any directed remediation.
Students who score below the benchmark score will be deemed to not be proficient and will not be permitted to progress into in any population-based clinical courses.
Students who are not successful on the exam on the first testing opportunity will be assigned an ‘Incomplete’ for NU 611 and required to complete an individualized remediation process before the exam can be taken a second time. Remediation will include Herzing extending your subscription to the Assessment Qbank so that you will be able to complete your individualized remediation plan based on your results. It is estimated that the minimum amount of time to complete the remediation process will be approximately 20 hours.
If unsuccessful on the second exam attempt, you will receive a failing grade for the NU611 course and an academic advising process will be instituted. As a part of that process your program schedule will be revised for you to retake NU611 (if no previous course failures).
Please see the information below from APEA. This information is to assist you with the process for taking for the Clinical Foundations Proficiency Exam. You should have received information from APEA via email during week 4 with instruction for taking the exam. Be sure to watch check your ‘SPAM/Junk’ folders if you are not seeing the email from APEA as it may have landed in one of those folders. Thank you for taking the time to carefully review this important information.

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You will access this exam through (Links to an external site.)

Review the information below to minimize disruptions for your exam experience.

Google Chrome browser is required. You can confirm your browser at
Use a strong internet connection, NO satellite or hotspots. [*** although not an APEA recommendation – if you have the ability to connect to your internet via an Ethernet cable do so as this will provide greater testing session stability]
Touch screens and mobile devices are not compatible with testing. Consider using a handheld mouse to avoid accidental right clicks which trigger a report to faculty.
When using a trackpad on a laptop to complete your exam, we recommend turning off right click or secondary click to avoid accidental right clicks which trigger a report to faculty.
If you are unable to move past question #1, you are probably not using Chrome.
If the exam freezes, log out and log in immediately to re-establish the connection and resume the exam.
Do not take the exam while you are working, since there is no way to pause the timer.
There is a detailed FAQ section located in the Need Help section in the OTC. We recommend you read it prior to clicking on the Start Test button.

Google Chrome is required for exams. You will have 90 minutes to complete the 75 question exam. Once you click Start Test to begin the exam, the timer starts running. If you exit the exam or close your browser during the exam, the timer will continue to run. If you should lose internet connection or get “booted off” from the testing center, log back in immediately. The test will resume at the last question answered.