NRNP 6675 Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

As you approach the end of your Master of Science in Nursing program and prepare for a career as a nurse practitioner, you will want to create a cover letter, resume, and portfolio that best represent your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a professional in the field of nursing.

For this Assignment, you will create a Career Planner, which includes these elements, that you can use as you pursue your next professional role.

To Prepare

  • Review the Career Planner Guide. This document contains the requirements for the Assignment as well as resources to consult.
  • Seek out other resources on cover letters, resumes, and other professional resources, as needed. The Walden University Career Planning and Development site has information on many topics of relevance


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Cover Letter

I am pleased to apply for the recently advertised position of a nurse practitioner in your organization. I am an experienced nurse practitioner with more than eight years’ experience as a registered nurse and three years as an advanced practice nurse specializing in family nursing. I am confident that I am the best-fit person to provide quality, safe, and efficient care that would align with the needs of your patients. I can also contribute to the realization of your organization’s mission and vision.

Throughout my career as a family nurse, I have developed adept knowledge and skills on patient care, including health promotion for the diverse populations. I have also developed effective collaboration and communication skills that are crucial for the delivery of patient-centered care. In my current role as a nurse practitioner, I perform several roles that include patient assessment, diagnosis, development of treatment plans, monitoring, and evaluating care plans. I also lead the implementation of quality improvement initiatives in the practice site that aim at enhancing the safety, quality, and efficiency of the care given to different populations.

I understand from my experience about the importance of providing high quality, patient-centered care to promote optimum care outcomes. I take my time to establish positive nurse-patient relationship to enable me understands the actual and potential needs of my patients. The relationship also guides the development of appropriate treatments for those I care and ensure care continuity. I currently rank among the top five nurse practitioners providing exceptional care to patients in the organization. I was also awarded the best nurse of the year based on the highest patient satisfaction scores.

Thank you for your time taken in going through and considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am available to be contacted should you need additional information. With my extensive nursing experience and expertise, I believe that I am a valuable asset to the team in your organization.



Checklist Portfolio

Personal Philosophy Statement

My personal philosophy as an advanced registered nurse is that nurses are the helpers of the vulnerable and those in need of care services. I consider nurses’ role to focus mainly on assisting patients to overcome their challenges in times of need of healthcare services. Nurses utilize their knowledge, skills, and experience in nursing to identify and address the health needs of their patients. They also catalyze change among their patients(Song & McCreary, 2020). They implement interventions such as health education to promote the desired lifestyle and behavioral change among the populations that they serve.

I also strive to engage in lifelong learning as part of my personal philosophy. I believe that nursing is a constantly evolving profession. Nurses constantly encounter new health issues and advancements in their practice. As a result, nurses should engage in continuous learning for them to be able to provide high quality, appropriate care for their populations. Lifelong learning also enables nurses to identify innovative practices that can be used to ensure the optimization of the care outcomes for their diverse populations (Mlambo et al., 2021). I also believe in honesty, showing empathy, and use of best available evidence when making treatment decisions. The use of best available evidence ensures the minimization of risk of patient harm while optimizing benefits in the treatment process. Empathy and honesty are crucial in ensuring that I uphold my professional values in the patient care process(Dang et al., 2021). Therefore, these philosophical views inform my professional actions as an advanced registered nurse.

Personal Goals

Short-Term Goals

  1. Enroll in a nursing leadership course to advance my nursing leadership competencies
  2. Become a coach and mentor to other nurses in my practice
  3. Find a nurse leader who will be my mentor as I advance in my career

Long-Term Goals

  1. Advance my nursing education to the PhD level in my area of specialization
  2. Be a nurse leader in my future professional role as an advanced registered nurse
  3. Advance to the senior level management as a nurse practitioner


I believe that I am a highly competent nurse practitioner. I can work competently with other members of the inter-professional teams. I am an effective listener and communicator. I employ listening and communication skills in understanding others better and communicating myself effectively. I am dedicated towards achieving positive outcomes among the populations that I care in my practice. I prioritize the use of evidence-based strategies to ensure safety and quality in the care process. I am also an effective leader. I have led several quality improvement initiatives in my practice. The most recent initiative that I led was the implementation of a quality improvement project to prevent medication errors in my practice site. Despite the above strengths, I have some weaknesses that I need to address. One of them is that I am too attached to my patients. I tend to be affected emotionally when my patients suffer or experience unintended harm in the care process. I need to explore opportunities in my practice such as the use of health technologies to address emerging issues in healthcare and participate in activities that will strengthen my leadership and management skills (Lera et al., 2020).



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