NPR2067 AS1: Reflection Information & Guidance

Reflection Assignment Brief (1500 words)

The provision of constructive feedback is known to be central to the learning and development of student nurses and midwives. This should be an interactive process offering students insight into their performance so that they can improve in practice.

Adamson et al. (2018) identified that obtaining feedback is a shared responsibility between student and supervisor but that students are often criticized for being too passive in seeking feedback and may lack skills as to how to utilize it.

The AS1 assignment task is:

“Using Gibbs model reflects on how you obtained and utilized feedback from practice to enhance your professional development.”

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General Information

The aim of this assignment is to reflect within the structure of Gibbs model (1988) on the importance of constructive feedback for your professional development; how you achieved feedback in practice, and how you have acted on this for professional and self-development. Within this reflection, you should support your writing with the contemporary evidence base exploring the importance and value of constructive feedback.


Grading of the reflection assignment

The reflection is graded using the undergraduate grading criteria* against how well you achieve the module learning outcomes a,b,e,f.  You must meet all these learning outcomes to pass this assessment.

You have two opportunities for this assignment. If you do not pass at the first attempt (D-) you are able to re-submit. At a 2nd opportunity submission, a passing grade will be capped at a D-.


Learning Outcomes for this assignment

Subject-Specific Knowledge, Understanding & Application

LO an Appraise, organize, and motivate yourself in a professional nursing context using your leadership style.

  • This is about self leadership in organizing yourself to obtain feedback

LO b Analyse self through reflection and situations to seek feedback in the development of self-awareness to initiate change.

  • This is about demonstrating your self-awareness through analysis of feedback you received and how you will act on this for self and professional development

Employability & Changemaker Skills

LO e. Critically reflect on personal contribution to the nursing team and identify strategies for self-development.

  • This is about critically reflecting on the feedback received to provide insight into your team working skills with consideration of the impact on patient care and service outcomes. You should identify professional and self-development.  

LO f Justify areas of similarity and difference between personal and professional values

  • This relates to reflection on the personal and professional values that you are demonstrating in your practice. Were you surprised or challenged by any elements of the feedback you received? How are you developing and demonstrating appropriate professional values?
  1. This is an academic reflection and so should be supported with an appropriate evidence base and reflect the academic criteria for level 5.


Submission of the reflection assignment

The reflection should be submitted via Turnitin by 11:59 on the day of submission.

Word Limit

The word limit for this assignment is 1500 words (+10%) Any words over this will not be marked.

Late submission

You can submit up to one week late (first sitting only) and receive a capped maximum pass grade of D-. Non-submissions are awarded a G grade.

If you have issues with your ability to complete the assignment for submission, please contact the module leader and your PT for support.

See the University policy procedures and regulations for assessment which can be found via the student hub.   

Support Available

Assignment preparation session (this will be recorded)

Assignment Q&A Padlet. This will be available after the assignment preparation session for you to post questions that will be addressed in the Q&A session.

Assessment guidance

Learning Development

Academic Librarian

Skills Hub


*Refer to the undergraduate grading criteria


Adamson et al. (2018) Feedback in clinical practice: Enhancing the students’ experience through action research. Nurse Education in Practice 31 (2018) 48-53