Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries.

Maternal Mortality in Developing CountriesMaternal Mortality in Developing Countries

Maternal mortality in developing countries is still very high. What is the burden of reproductive health disease for women and their families? What is your opinion of the global gag rule?

Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries

A high maternal mortality rate is a major public concern in developing countries. These deaths are attributed to pregnancy or childbirth-related complications. This paper focuses on the burden of reproductive health disease on women and their families and the author’s opinion regarding the global gag rule. Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries.

The burden of reproductive health disease for women and their families is relatively high in developing countries. The high maternal mortality rate in developing countries is associated with several contributing factors, including inaccessibility to quality maternal care, low quality of care, limited maternal education, a higher total fertility rate, a high rate of infectious diseases, lack of well-trained healthcare, and ineffective health care system (Dahab & Sakellariou, 2020). Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries.

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Most developing countries have less reliable vital statistics registry systems, resulting in incorrect maternal mortality data. Consequently, reproductive health and maternal death risk are not addressed in these countries, resulting in a high reproductive health disease burden for women and their families.

I feel that the global gag rule is not considered in the maternal mortality rate. The gap in maternal mortality rate is relatively high between developed nations and developing countries. World Health Organization reported approximately 358,000 maternal deaths (800 deaths daily) in 2008, representing about a 34% reduction compared to 1990 (Girum & Wasie, 2017). Approximately 99% of these maternal deaths occurred in developing countries (Girum & Wasie, 2017). The maternal mortality rate is extremely high in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, where approximately 87% of global maternal deaths were reported (Girum & Wasie, 2017). The incident is worse in Sub-Saharan Africa, where pregnancy and childbirth complications claim the life of one out of 160 women. On the contrary, the maternal mortality rate is relatively low in developed countries, where 1 in every 3700 women dies of pregnancy and childbirth complications. Therefore, preventive measures should be adopted to reduce the huge maternal death gap between developed and developing countries.



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