How do Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT) enabled specialty beds facilitate pressure wound healing?

How does Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT) enable specialty beds to facilitate pressure wound healing?


It must be in APA format and include:


Main body

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References (no less than 5 articles and no more than 10 articles)


Major (Level 1) section headings should include:

Introduction (Use the Title of the paper as the heading for the introduction, not the word Introduction)




Implications for Nursing

This is a group paper so organization and time management are important.


Discuss the following in your paper:

*Is there a way to improve something already in practice, or

*Stop doing something already in practice, or

*Start doing something not already in practice



One or two sentences describing the problem and the significance of the problem relative to nursing (or the topic of the paper). Purpose statement. One or two sentences about the methods. One or two statements about the findings. One or two statements about the importance of the findings. One or two statements about why this is important for nursing practice.

Keywords: three or four words describing main concepts of the paper


Title of Paper

Start the paper here. This is your introduction. There should be a description of the problem of the phenomenon of interest (topic of your EBP project and why it is a problem). End this section with your purpose statement (the purpose of this paper is to review the evidence regarding x) There should be citations in this section. Sepsis is a problem for trauma patients. About x amount of trauma patients become septic (citation). A proposed intervention for the treatment of sepsis is fluid resuscitation (citation). However, the amount remains in question. Current practice suggests using… (citation). The purpose of this paper is to answer the question: Does evidence support…..?



Describe what the results implicate. Write a conclusion.


Implications for Nursing

Explain what this means for nursing.


The 8 references:


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My main focus of the paper is the abstract and the discussion as that is my contribution to the paper. My group said we can work on it independently but I don’t see how which is why I’m putting 4 pages so that you can freely write the paper with intro, body, etc.