Florence nightingales environmetal theory

Florence nightingales environmetal theory



Identify a theory that uses a concept of interest to you that can be applied in research and nursing practice (clinical, education, or administration). This is a professional paper in which headings, full sentences, paragraphs, correct grammar and punctuation, and correct citation of sources are required.

The theory you select will be the same theory used for each assignment in the future modules.

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Theory Description:
Provide a brief description of the theory using an original source or as close to the original source as possible. Include a brief discussion of the origins of the theory and the scope/level (grand, middle range, practice/situation specific) of the theory. Identify the major concepts of the theory and discuss how they are related (propositions). Pick two of the concepts, including your concept of interest, and state theoretical definitions of these concepts.






Transcendent Pluralism
Transcendent pluralism is a middle-range theory that explains how human dignity occurs and its connection among diverse groups of people in society through non-violent changes. The theory suggests that curing is required through progressive self-respect (Reischer et al., 2021). The theory shows how the modern social problems that adversely affect health are embedded in the human-environmental and deflation conditions.
Origin of the Theory
Transcendent pluralism originated in logical and inductive ways. Meaning, it uses both processes to conclude a study. For instance, in deductive, the theory begins with a hypothesis testing and examines the possibilities of the research being true or not before making a concrete conclusion. In contrast, it uses an inductive process to try and make general decisions based on observations the researcher has seen. Therefore, the theory is crucial in nursing as it helps nurses make concrete decisions on dignity and acknowledge the appropriate principles to care for the patients.
Transcendent pluralism is generally developed from middle range theory because of the various frameworks and emphasis on human dignity that comprises an individual’s self-care. Furthermore, the middle-range theory expounds more on the importance of this theory as it tends to focus more on the experimental and observational methods to make a conclusion that can be easily understood and used in interpreting a patient’s health condition. Hence, acts as a guideline in developing a patients’ diagnosis and treatments. Based on the above assumptions it is clear that the theory aims in improving the health and patients’ outcomes.

Major Concepts of the Theory and their Relations
Self-care and self-management are likely the major concepts of the theory. Self-care activities such as behaviour regarding eating, physical activities and substance use can lead to a greater impact on the well-being of an individual, thus affecting healthcare in general (Matarese et al.,2018). Therefore, self-care is important in managing one’s health and ensuring stable health at all times. As long as the negative factors such as alcohol and substance use are not controlled, human dignity will continue diminishing, negatively affecting the population’s health.
Self-management works hand in hand with self-care to contribute to the effectiveness of the transcendent theory. The concept entails more of an individual understanding one’s health and acknowledging the changes, thus taking appropriate action in seeking professional care and treatment before their health is critical. The approach of this concept also helps nurses understand their patients and manage their condition in a caring manner to achieve in the end.
The mid-range concepts such as self-care and adaptations help interpret the theoretical framework in understanding the effective change created by the social behaviours of different individuals in society. Therefore, to understand the different behaviours and activities of the people, it is important to focus on their self-care and the activities influencing diverse changes in their dignity.
Transcendent pluralism is effective in research and nursing practice. Health practitioners can conduct and analyze the patients’ condition based on physical activities, mental stability, substance use, eating habits, and hygiene to manage their care and assign them for the right treatment. Through the theory, health practitioners can also provide counselling to those patients who show symptoms of the dire need for counselling and therapy (Foli, 2021).
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