Classmate Response (1) PUB 655-Topic 5 DQ 1- Upstream Issues And The Economy

Classmate Response (1) PUB 655-Topic 5 DQ 1- Upstream Issues And The Economy


This order is for a response to a classmate’s post. I have uploaded the question and the classmate’s essay that requires a response

Respond to the classmate essay by-
1. sharing an insight to the question and asking a probing question.
2. Also add other points related to the topic.
3. offering and supporting an opinion from the classmate essay
4. please elaborate on one or two points from the classmate’s essay. Please do not just re-write what the classmate wrote.
5. validating an idea
6. making a suggestion
-Please use your own words and do not copy what she wrote
– Sources must be published within the last 5 years. It must be from 2017 and after and appropriate for the paper criteria and public health content.
– Please do not use blogs as references
-References should be in APA 7th ed.
-Add references to reference page
-Add the hyperlink/DOI for each reference in APA 7th edition format.
Thank you.


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Classmate Response

Global health initiatives aim to improve the quality of health and healthcare around the globe through various health programs. Global health initiatives have impacted both individual and community health globally. As you have indicated in your post, the global health initiatives have promoted stakeholder participation to determine the demand for medication for effective distribution. This participation improves coordination in understanding the health issues and demands of drugs and personnel, which are important in increasing the quality of health. You may also add that the participation between the global health initiative drivers and the stakeholders help in establishing the effectiveness of the drugs in calling off the use of ineffective medications. According to Venkatesan (2021), the collaboration between the stakeholders has helped control the usage of drugs identifying the ineffective medications and providing purposeful and effective drugs.

You have also indicated that global health initiatives have ignored the available structures in distributing medications, monopolizing the management, planning, monitoring, and evaluating the systems. Do the available structures have any importance in distributing the health drugs? The structures are set to connect the global health initiatives with the local communities in identifying the health demands and could play an important role in the distribution process for the drugs. Musinguzi et al. (2017) indicate that the presence of the local structures and healthcare institutions helps create awareness of the drugs and influence the use of the drugs in the community, thus creating a link between the community and the global health initiatives. , the global health initiatives should thus collaborate with the local structures to build a healthy and effective drug distribution and feedback network.


Musinguzi, L. K., Turinawe, E. B., Rwemisisi, J. T., de Vries, D. H., Mafigiri, D. K., Muhangi, D., de Groot, M., Katamba, A., & Pool, R. (2017). Linking communities to formal health care providers through village health teams in rural Uganda: lessons from linking social capital. Human Resources for Health, 15(1).

Venkatesan, P. (2021). Repurposing drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine9(7), e63.