Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

Assignment 1: Personal Goals

Short-Term Goals

  1. By the end of one year, I will demonstrate the ability to apply evidence-based best practices to assess, diagnose, and treat patients across the lifespan with psychiatric and mental health illnesses.
  2. By the end of one year, I will increase my knowledge and skills in providing nursing care that acknowledges patients’ spiritual and cultural beliefs and health behaviors.
  3. By the end of two years, I will demonstrate leadership skills in providing health education to individuals, families, and the community on preventing mental health disorders.
  4. By the end of two years, I will demonstrate skills in providing complex and diverse health needs of patients across the lifespan by creating interprofessional and collaborative relationships to achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes in psychiatric care.

Long-Term Goals

  1. By the end of three years, I will have developed one evidence-based nursing solution in mental health nursing that will enable nurses to provide high-quality and safe patient care.
  2. By the end of four years, I will have implemented one psychiatric project to promote the delivery of quality and safe psychiatric care to address the diverse, complex mental health care needs of patients, families, and the community.
  3. By the end of four years, I will have developed at least five policies related to mental health and advocated them at the local and state level to improve mental health in the community.


Assignment 1: Personal Philosophy Statement

When I was seven years old, I slid into a pot of hot water, and the next thing I remember was being admitted to a children’s burns unit where I was managed for burns on my torso and left arm. I remember the nurses who were dressing my wounds since they would sweet-talk me and make me sing the Sunday school rhymes when dressing the wound to distract me from the pain. The scenario made me wish to become a nurse so that I can provide compassionate care to people in pain and help them to alleviate their pain. My motivation in nursing is to improve patients’ quality of life and help them live free from pain and illnesses.

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My nursing philosophy stresses providing high-quality, compassionate, empathetic, and holistic patient care. The philosophy is based on the experience being managed for burns, and the values and beliefs imparted to me in my nursing journey as a licensed practice nurse and registered nurse. I believe that nurses should provide patient care driven by trust, respect, compassion, and empathy. Consequently, I always uphold these values in my practice. Furthermore, my nursing philosophy is driven by the ethical principles of respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and social justice.

The acquired nursing education and clinical skills in my education and practice play a critical role in the nursing philosophy. I believe that scientific research is the foundation of nursing practice and fundamental to delivering quality patient care. Patient care should be founded on evidence-based practice, and scientific research is crucial in identifying evidence-based interventions. In my nursing practice, I have always encouraged nurses to implement nursing interventions based on scientific rationale and to have a spirit of clinical inquiry, rather than doing things just because that is how they are done. Nursing is a dynamic profession, and nurses should be open to learning and relearning. Lastly, I believe that health promotion is fundamental in healthcare and is crucial in promoting a healthy community and reducing the healthcare cost burden of most preventable diseases.

Assignment 1: Cover Letter

I am writing to convey my interest in the Psychiatry Mental Health Nurse Practitioner vacancy at your hospital, with reference to the advert posted on the organization’s website. I believe I have the necessary academic qualifications, knowledge, skills, and attitude to suit me for this position.

My interest in working in your hospital is based on my belief that it will give me an excellent platform to apply my knowledge and skills acquired throughout my education and practice. Besides, I believe working with you will allow me to grow my PMHNP career. During my six years of practice as a registered nurse and twelve years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, I have gained vast experience in providing high-quality, safe, evidence-based patient care.

I previously worked as a nurse in nursing rehabilitation centers for 15 years, where I gained vast experience in providing rehabilitative services to patients transitioning from the hospital to the home setting. I am currently a medical-surgical staff nurse at Sibley Memorial Hospital in the oncology unit. My duties include applying the nursing process to provide safe, effective care that reflects nursing ethical values and professional practice standards. Besides, I provide health education to chronic and acutely ill patients and families and implement nursing interventions.

I have gained leadership skills in my current role since I am tasked with analyzing leadership, management, and organizational behaviors, which influence coordination, consultative, and collaborative activities in health care systems. In addition, I have excellent organizational, communication, and collaboration skills, which are fundamental for a PMHNP. I not only lead but also values teamwork, which is crucial in interdisciplinary healthcare.

Attached, find a copy of my resume that details my academic qualifications, skills, and professional experience. It will be a pleasure to meet with you and provide more information should you require it.