Application and interpretation of Public Data-TOPIC 5 DQ 2-

Application and interpretation of Public Data-TOPIC 5 DQ 2-



When analyzing public health data, describe the steps you would take to determine what statistical test to conduct. Discuss the impact of data type on test selection.


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Statistical Tests
Statistical tests are the methods used in testing a hypothesis in research. Different statistical tests can be used in analyzing public health data. However, it is crucial to consider some steps in choosing the most suitable statistical method to enhance effectiveness while analyzing public health data. Therefore, this study focuses on the steps to consider and the impact of data type on test selection.
Steps in Choosing a Statistical Test
All the statistical test plays a crucial role in improving research work, especially in public health data. Deciding on the right statistical test to use sometimes can be a difficult decision to make, especially for researchers (Beath & Jones, 2018). The statistical test needs to be conducted correctly to avoid misleading or errors in the research work. The following are some of the steps I will consider to decide on the statistical test to conduct. First, I will have to be specific in the question that I am asking to develop a hypothesis (Mishra et al., 2019). Then decide if the question is a null hypothesis or not by testing it based on the statistical null or alternate hypothesis. Next, I will verify the variables available in the formed question of the study and define those appropriate variables (Mishra et al., 2019). If the statistical hypothesis value tested is true, it will be automatically rejected, thus leading to significant results. Therefore, determining the appropriate test will depend on the aim, objectives and plan of the study.
Impact of Data Type on Test Selection
The application of statistical tests varies on data types. Data on test selection is crucial in determining the methods for collecting data. For instance, nominal, discrete and ordinal data use non-parametric methods while continuous data use parametric methods (Trajkovski, 2016). It becomes easier to analyze data after test selection, thus summarizing most study concepts and frameworks. Conducting the right statistical test can help in improving the public health data, especially on the epidemiological study. Therefore, finding solutions for various public health problems.


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