Analyze and Reporting Results – TOPIC 8 Q 2-The question is on Topic 8 Analyze and Reporting Result

Analyze and Reporting Results – TOPIC 8 Q 2-The question is on Topic 8 Analyze and Reporting Result



Discuss an ethical challenge you might face as a researcher when collecting and analyzing data from human subjects. What is an IRB and why is it necessary?


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An ethical challenge for a researcher

Researchers are in a big dilemma when it comes to studying human subjects. Despite having ethical standards in research, they still face challenges when collecting and analyzing data from these groups. It is remarkably difficult for them to give factual data due to these issues that mostly occur due to human subjects since it involves analyzing an individual’s personal information. This study focuses on informed consent as a challenge faced by a researcher when dealing with human subjects.

The ethical standards help researchers protect human subjects from any abuse and exploitation. However, there are ethical challenges faced while collecting data. Informed consent is a challenge that will impact the data I will collect from the people (Facca et al., 2020). For instance, it needs to be understood by the participants before signing up. Due to the language barrier, the participants are likely to disagree to consent to collect confidential data from them. I will have to look for a translator, which can be expensive and time-consuming, thus affecting the data collection process.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Review Board is a body that governs the safety of human subjects that are selected to participate in the research. It focuses on maintaining safety and the rights of the people in matters of confidentiality and abuse (Resnik, 2018). The administrative body monitors, assesses and evaluates all the research involved in human subjects before interacting with the participants. It, therefore, has a right to revoke any study that does not consider the foundation of human rights. Furthermore, some guidelines need to be followed for researchers to qualify as potential investigators and conduct their study with participants.  Therefore, all researchers must go through the Institution Review Board and understand its concepts and basis before researching human subjects. This can lead to legal consequences if human life is tampered with.



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