Transcultural Theoreticle Models in Nursing

Pick one model/framework (please select one not described in your textbook, here are a few: Leinninger, Purnell, Sager, Galanti, Jeffreys, Spector, Andrews & Boyle) and provide an in-depth analysis:

Your paper should include the following parts:

Title/Cover Page
Introduction: State the model/framework that you have selected, and the reasoning behind your selection
Application: Choose a specific cultural group (any that we have studied in this course) and apply the chosen frameworks to the cultural group. Describe the details of the framework and how your selected cultural group fits into the framework. Did it work well? Why or why not?
Implications: How do you feel using a framework will impact your nursing practice? Will you continue to use a framework in your daily practice? Why or why not?
Conclusion: Wrap up your thoughts and provide a brief summary of your ideas (250-400 words)
Reference page: Provide a minimum of four scholarly sources

Use APA format and clearly define the components listed above. Your paper should be between 4-6 pages, including the reference page and title/cover page. Refer to the OU Library\’s APA Style Guide for assistance with formatting your paper. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment.

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