Policy Organization and Financing Healthcare- Public Policy

Policy Organization and Financing Healthcare- Public Policy


What is a public policy meeting? A meeting held by public or governmental officials to discuss and deal with public problems or issues, communicate and disseminate information, and engage in problem-solving, policy change strategizing and/or decision making. Open public policy meetings are when the public’s business is conducted in open, noticed meetings, where the public, lobbyists and members of the news media have the right to attend, record, broadcast, and in some cases participate in the meeting. An open meeting agenda is usually posted in advance and meeting materials may be made available.

Create a post seeking approval for your public policy meeting. Choose a meeting to view or attend. It must be a public policy body at work and related to health care. If it is a recorded meeting, please make sure it has been posted within the last year. Title the post with your name and the name of the policy meeting.

For example: Smith: Affordable Health Care Policy Meeting. In the body of the post include the title or topic focus of the policy meeting the date and time of the meeting the location of the meeting (if online, include the website). Some websites are:

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https://www.c-span.org/ (Links to an external site.) search the video library or the live sessions)
http://www.youtube.com (Links to an external site.) (perform a search for your topic)
Your local government or healthcare organization websites

– Any clinical reference should be about Emergency Department





Policy Organization and Financing

Name: VNA Press Conference on COVID Nurse Burnout

The aim of writing this thread is to seek approval for my public policy meeting. The meeting was be held on 21st September 2021 at 10.00 AM. The meeting was held online for convenience purposes and also to help save on costs. The link to the meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fU9fYAsQn4. Holding the meeting on YouTube help reach a large number of people and also be able to engage with the audience. The aim of the meeting was to discuss nurse burnout, its impacts, and how the issue can be addressed.

Nurse burnout is a phenomenon that is widespread that is usually manifested by a reduction in the nurse’s energy, lack of motivation, emotional exhaustion, and feelings of exhaustion. The meeting will address some of the causes of nurse burnout. These causes include sleep deprivation, long working hours and shifts, stressful environments, emotional strain from patient care, and lack of support from the management. It is crucial to address the issue of nurse burnout because it tends to have a significant impact on the health outcome of the patients and also the wellness of the nurses. Nurse burnout contributes greatly to medical errors, which negatively affect the patients’ health outcomes. Other impacts of nurse burnout include lowering the nurse’s performance level and quality of life and also increases the nurse turnover rate.





Bagherian, F., & Hosseini, S. A. (2019). Burnout and job satisfaction in the emergency department staff: a review focusing on emergency physicians. International Journal of Medical Investigation8(3), 13-20.