PHN-690 -Public Health Nursing Practicum-TOPIC 1-DQ 2

PHN-690 -Public Health Nursing Practicum-TOPIC 1-DQ 2


-The question will be uploaded (see upload)
-For information purposes- I am a public health nurse and I will be doing my practicum/internship with a nursing agency.
For the last part of the question that asks -to Provide a specific example of how they are used in your practicum setting- ( please see upload for the description on the practicum setting/site ( Field experience site information) in order to answer this part)
– Sources must be published within the last 5 years. It must be from 2017 and after and appropriate for the paper criteria and public health content.
– Please do not use blogs as references
-References should be in APA 7th ed.
-Please make sure you add the in text citations
-Add references to reference page
-Add the hyperlink/DOI for each reference in APA 7th edition format.
Thank you



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PHN Standards

Public health nursing standards focus on promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences. Some of the significant components of the PHN standards that facilitate this goal are patient-centered primary care, integrated population management, and quality outcomes (Polivka & Chaudry, 2018). I plan to integrate these components in my practicum setting to promote the health of the senior population. I plan to integrate patient-centered care by involving the patient and their families in clinical decision making, acknowledging the patient values and preferences in clinical decision making, and removing cultural and knowledge barriers to patient participation in clinical decision making.

I plan to integrate population management in my practicum setting by conducting community assessment of priority health risk in the geriatric population, delivering preventive care to reduce disease severity, and engaging in interdisciplinary case management of common comorbidities in the geriatric population. Besides, I plan to promote quality outcomes in patient care by focusing on preventive care, integrating evidence-based data in the clinical practice, and demonstrating empathy and professionalism to improve patient experience and satisfaction. These PHN are important in my practicum setting as they promote the clinically competent nursing practice and accountability among nurses, thus facilitating patient safety and satisfaction (Dieckmann, 2021). This translates into a better reputation for the facility.

In my practicum setting, PHN is used in different ways to promote better patient care. Patient-centered care is used to encourage team-based, respectful care that entails the engagement of patients and families in clinical decision-making. On the other hand, integrated population management enhances the preventive care approach, reducing healthcare emergencies, disease burden, and related cost of care. Quality outcomes are used to improve patient satisfaction and organizational reputation.




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