PHN 652 -TOPIC 4 DQ 2-Public Health Nursing Assessments

PHN 652 -TOPIC 4 DQ 2-Public Health Nursing Assessments


When writing a community health needs assessment report, the public health nurse will need to include micro, meso, and macro levels of assessment. What is the difference between these levels of assessment? Why is it necessary to use all levels of assessment when writing a community health needs assessment report? What would be the impact of not including all three levels of assessment in a community health needs assessment report?



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Community Health Needs Assessment Report

A community health needs assessment report is a document that acts as a guideline for the health practitioners to enhance quality care among the community members. The reports entail all the information necessary for implementing a health program that can enhance quality care and improve the population’s health status based on factors such as hygiene, nutrition, and poverty levels. The reports must be written coherently by ensuring that all the information has been captured on all three levels of assessments: micro, meso, and micro levels.

Levels of Assessment

Micro, macro, and meso levels are essential in community health needs assessment reports. They identify the most effective areas that the public health nurse must adhere to while implementing the health program with its team. The levels of assessment enable the health team to assess and gather informative data regarding the community problem. Micro levels focus on evaluating individuals’ perspectives and views (Jilke et al.). Macro examines the community’s external and internal environment to gather information on any influences, while meso focuses on community groups of various kinds within the community. All three levels are interrelated, thus improving the community needs assessment report (Sawatzky et al., 2021).

Importance of the Levels

The three levels are essential when writing a community health needs assessment report because they give information that can help in decision-making. Information gathered through these levels can also be used in implementing community health policies to help solve the problem affecting the community members (Sawatzky et al., 2021).


Impact of not using the Levels

Community need assessment reports with no inclusion of the three levels of assessment can lead to a lack of conclusive results. For instance, gathering data at the community level is only effective when conducted at individual levels on community groups. These levels have community members who are more familiar and conversant with their communities. Therefore, without focusing on the levels, conducting the assessment can be complicated and hectic because it might be biased too because of focusing on a specific category of the population and not necessarily considering the influential factors that can lead to the community health problems (Sawatzky et al., 2021).



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