PHN 652- Topic 3 DQ 2-Data Collection And Analysis Methods

PHN 652- Topic 3 DQ 2-Data Collection And Analysis Methods


Topic 3 DQ 2-Data Collection and Analysis Methods

QUESTION-There are numerous ways in which public health nurses can collect data in order to identify population needs and develop interventions, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Choose the two data collection methods you feel are the most effective. Describe each method and explain why you chose them. How would you know which data collection technique is most effective for your chosen population? ***The chosen population will be high (Secondary) school students***  Ages 14 to 18 years old.


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Data Collection Methods

Data collection methods are essential in creating a general flow of research. The methodology and approaches used determine how the information collected can be used by researchers (Paradis et al.,2016). Data collection methods are used according to the type of questions used in the research( Ivey,2017). Therefore, all studies must use data collection methods to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the information collected. This study will focus on two methods and the most effective data collection method for the chosen population.


Interviews are primarily efficient data collection methods. Data is usually collected individually because each participant responds to the questions based on their views and perceptions (Paradis et al.,2016). Some interviews can be open-ended, others closed. Depending on the type of interview, participants give feedback as individuals. This type of method offers researchers diverse responses based on their study.


A survey is more of the same as interviews but differs a little bit. In a survey, questions are more directly focused on the feelings, views, and perceptions of what a specific group of individuals thinks about a particular issue. It mainly helps give a baseline knowledge of what the researcher is working on (Paradis et al.,2016).  The participants can sometimes be allowed to provide open answers depending on the research type.



The Most Suitable Method

In this case, of high school students aged between 14 to 18 years of age, the most appropriate data collection method to use is a survey. The questions act as a guideline to give in-depth responses to collect accurate and evidence-based data. This can be appropriate in the context whereby a researcher is trying to identify the various school activities that the students participate in and their impacts on their lives in general.







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