Philosophy of Teaching in Nursing Education

Write a short paper (1-2 pages) presenting your philosophy of teaching. Include your beliefs about the goals of education, the nature of teaching and learning, and the roles of learners and teachers. In addition, comment on your beliefs regarding student responsibilities/expectations related to the acquisition of learning outcomes.

Incorporate cultural considerations and diversity concepts as well as a student-centered approach to teaching and learning into your philosophy.

The philosophy should be about your personal beliefs and values. You can reference within this paper if something really provided relevance to help spur or change your beliefs, but this is not a research-type paper. Many academic institutions will ask that you write or present your philosophy of teaching as part of an initial employment application, so consider the creation of a succinct but meaningful paper.

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Philosophy of Teaching in Nursing Education

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            I believe that various essential qualities characterize an excellent teacher. First, good teachers must have a strong faith in their learners’ potential and their success in the future. Although teachers may not see the fruits of their labor, they should be committed to nurturing seeds, which will grow and shape tomorrow. Secondly, I believe that a good teacher should understand students, including their development and learning process. Understanding the learners enable the teachers to plan learning activities and experiences that will change individual students and allow them to think and grow.

Additionally, I believe that the goal of education is to actively construct and transform learners’ knowledge based on their previous learning and past experiences. Although students have different learning rates, a teacher should focus on diagnosing students’ interests, previous knowledge, and interests to enhance the learning capacity of every individual student. A teacher should plan learning experiences, which will challenge and trigger every student to think and grow. Therefore, the nature of teaching and learning depends on students’ learning rate. A teacher will utilize a teaching technique that will enhance students’ learning and understanding capacity. Additionally, I believe that teaching and learning involve peer interaction between teachers and students to improve knowledge sharing between the two parties.

I also believe that both learners and teachers have significant roles during the teaching and learning processes. The teacher must understand students’ learning needs, desires, and interests and focus on achieving them. Additionally, a teacher is responsible for encouraging and motivating the students to meet their learning goals. On the other hand, the students are mandated to strive to understand what they are being taught. Thus, students are responsible for understanding what they have been taught and overall learning outcomes.

Finally, I believe that teachers should consider cultural values and traditions while teaching their students. A teacher should strive to meet the cultural needs of diverse and ethnic groups by avoiding teaching them concepts that contradict their cultural beliefs and traditions. Additionally, a student-centered approach should be incorporated into teaching and learning processes to meet the educational needs of individual learners.