Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations

In your own words, differentiate between an operational plan, a tactical plan, and a strategic plan. Provide an example of each. Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations 6241/1

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Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations

Planning is generally regarded as thinking and forecasting things that might happen in the future. In a healthcare setting, leadership, and management it is critical to plan to have a precise and clear understanding of needs, what ought to be done, why, and how it should be done. There are different aspects in which planning can be done. These include strategic plan, tactical and operational plan.

Strategic plan; strategic planning entails the creation of objectives and goal setting on where an organization sees itself in a long time. A strategic plan is a blueprint or a document that defines or communicates an organization’s future goals, objectives, and needed actions to achieve the goals (Aultman et al., 2020). For example, utilization of IT to improve the patient experience. A strategic plan can be for a long period, such as 5 years or more.

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Operation plan; operational planning is laying down strategic goals and objectives to technical aspects of the same. This type of planning helps to link an organization’s strategic plan with the actions which will facilitate the actualization of the strategic plan. An operation plan is a detailed blueprint that outlines the targets and activities that an organization will undertake towards achieving its strategic plan (Tarofder et al., 2017). It provides organization daily actions and can run or cover for a shorter period such as a year. For example, nurses use informatics to improve the patient experience.

Tactical plan; more like operational planning, tactical planning is a process that involves breaking down of long-termed strategic plan into short term plans. A tactical plan is a breakdown or a document that defines how an organization should achieve its strategic plan (Larsson & Fredriksson, 2019). In an organizational setting, a tactical plan may entail departmental actions towards the overall strategic plan. For example, efforts by the nursing department towards improving patient experience.


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