Factors Impacting the Nursing Budgeting Process

Factors Impacting the Nursing Budgeting Process
This assignment will help you explore factors, both internal and external, that impact the nursing leader\'s budgeting thoughts.
Various internal and external forces impact the development of a nursing budget. Internal factors are forces inside an organization, and external forces are forces that impact the marketplace of healthcare.
Write a 4-page paper that:
•	Describes the various internal and external forces that impact the development of the budget
•	Explains the impact of these forces on the nursing budget
•	Describes how the following impact the nursing budget:
o	Present healthcare and nursing trends
o	Healthcare reforms
o	Accreditation agencies
o	Consumer groups
o	Nursing education
o	The hospital organizational culture
o	The nursing organizational culture

-Use at least four references not more than five years old