Discussion Question 5.1

Discussion Question 5.1


  • Why is employee engagement an important strategy to foster within an organization?
  • What experience have you had or what examples have you seen or heard about that have helped foster a culture of engagement?
  • Share one strategy that you believe can foster an engaging environment in the workplace.

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Solution / Sample Discussion Essay

Employee engagement refers to the ultimate concept or approach to understanding and defining the relationship between the management and employees involved in the operational processes. The relationship can be described qualitatively and quantitatively (Saks, 2019). Employee engagement often results in the right conditions for both the management and employees to become committed and motivated to engage in various organizational activities. It is often based on integrity, trust, as well as two-way communication and commitment between the organization and employees. Besides, it is considered a concept or operational approach that leads to business success, increased productivity, and individual performance.

Employee engagement is important in an organization because it drives performance. Engaged employees are able to look at the entire company and understand their responsibilities and how they can fit in (Sun & Bunchapattanasakda, 2019). With better employee engagement approaches, organizations have been able to achieve better decision-making processes. Employee engagement is also important because it is considered a key differentiator for growth and innovation. Besides, the administration of an employee engagement survey is key in understanding the organization’s needs. Enhancing employee engagement involves developing effective organizational cultures that encompass elaborate communication channels.

As a professional nurse, I have witnessed different organizational approaches that have helped foster an engaging environment in the workplace. For instance, developing a collaborative environment in my previous organization enhanced the establishment of an engaging environment. Through effective collaborative approaches, organizations have been able to inculcate a culture of an engaging environment. From a personal point of view, encouraging communication can help in fostering an engaging environment within the workplace. Communication builds morale, satisfaction and increases employee engagement. Besides, effective communication channels enable employees to understand terms and conditions and other approaches required in the establishment of an integrated environment.

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