Discussion Example: Two Professional Career Goals

Discussion Instructions


A typewritten essay, not to exceed 750 words, that responds to the following:

  • Discuss two (2) professional career goals, identifying how your professional experiences to date have prepared you for graduate study at Pace University and how the graduate program will assist you in meeting these goals.
  • Describe your plans to alter your professional and/or personal obligations to have the time needed for graduate study, including the required clinical experiences.

I have been working for Bronxcare Health System Hospital for 9 years as Registered Nurse.


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Two Professional Career Goals

Professional goals have been a major source of motivation and have provided a framework for measuring progress towards success. One of the professional goals is becoming an expert through increased knowledge, skills, and experience. I have always viewed being an expert as an effective and efficient way of providing excellent patient care. My professional experience involves working in Bronxcare Health System as a registered nurse for the last nine years. Being part of the staff team in the organization has improved my experience in the clinical field and has led to the realization that advanced training is required to provide quality care to patients. The experience at the organization, especially experience related to working as a team, has improved my learning techniques, interpersonal skills, and quest for knowledge. The experience has also led to the development of important values and skills such as patience, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The values will promote educational training in the University. The graduate program will enable me to increase my knowledge and skills in my medical field; hence I will achieve the goal of becoming an expert.

The second professional goal is improving the quality of care to patients. I aspire to have more impact in the healthcare industry to improve health care services and care offered to patients. The educational level determines my level of impact, including the level of leadership influence in the clinical setting. With further training, I expect to have a higher level of influence in the clinical setting to improve the quality of care and experience of both patients and nurses. My experience in working with the non-profit making healthcare system has been a source of motivation to improve my skills and knowledge based on experience related to challenges facing the patients and healthcare settings. I am more passionate about improving various areas of the healthcare industry, including increasing access to patients and providing comprehensive care. Advanced nursing training will expand my scope of practice in the nursing field, providing an opportunity and platform to implement efficient and effective solutions to healthcare-related challenges.

Plans to Alter Professional or Personal Obligations to Create Time for Graduate Study

The graduate study will be demanding in terms of time spent attending classes, completing assignments, researching, engaging in group discussions, and studying for examinations. To create more time to engage fully in my studies, I intend to reduce the number of hours I spent working in the Bronxcare Health System. I intend to reduce the number of shifts in the health organization and work overtime. The move will create more time that can be used to engage in study-related activities while ensuring that I attain the required clinical experience. Alteration in personal obligations includes reducing time spent executing home related duties. I intend to hire help to ensure I have more time to spend in academic related activities. Another major alteration involves spending less time with the family and friends, including time spent in recreational activities. I have already discussed with family and friends about the impact of taking graduate study, and they have promised to offer full support. They are in support of all the changes that the graduate program will have on our relationships. I believe the plans of altering professional and personal time and the professional experience to date shows enough preparation for graduate study.