Post, include a reflection of insights you have gained by analyzing the innovation and creating the presentation. If you were to implement the innovation in a current or future workplace, what challenges might there be? Explain two challenges you anticipate related to staff, leadership, systems, processes, or technology.

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The exercise involving analysis of the innovation and creation of the presentation was informative and educative. I learned that most organizational issues could be addressed by implementing innovation by analyzing various peer-reviewed journal articles. Thus, medical professionals should research to identify the most effective innovation for addressing a particular clinical practice issue. For instance, studies show that the Computerized Provider Order Enter (CPOE) is the most effective intervention for reducing the high rate of medication errors in healthcare organizations. According to Ahmed et al. (2016), adverse drug events associated with medication errors reduced dramatically following CPOE and CDSS.

However, implementing the innovation in the current workplace might be compromised by various challenges. The most common challenge is the reluctance of the staff members to embrace the proposed change (Issah, 2018). Most practitioners consider changing a threat to their current status and job position in an organization. Additionally, most practitioners are not ready to undergo the training required to implement a new intervention. This challenge can be addressed by assuring the staff members that the change would benefit them, patients, and the entire organization. Another anticipated change involves technology. The organization must advance its technology to implement the proposed innovation successfully. According to Ehteshami et al. (2018), health information technology plays a key role in implementing innovation in a healthcare organization.

Overall, innovation plays a significant role in addressing clinical issues in healthcare settings. However, implementation of innovation in workplaces might be compromised by various challenges, including the reluctance of the staff members to embrace the proposed change and the lack of the required technology.

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