NRS-425 Benchmark – Community Teaching Project – Part 2

Benchmark – Community Teaching Project: Part 2

Community Assessment

Based on the location of the community site selected in the Topic 1 assignment for your Community Teaching Project, you will be performing an assessment of the community (town/city/county) using the “County Health Rankings” and “Environmental Justice Dashboard” located in the topic Resources.

After reviewing the “County Health Rankings” and “Environmental Justice Dashboard” and completing the windshield survey of the selected community, complete the template below.

Student Name


Faculty Name

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County Name


Community Organization Zip Code


Community Description:


  • Describe the community of interest (town/city/county) based on your findings from the windshield survey, the “County Health Rankings,” and “Environmental Justice Dashboard” resources.


Positive Attributes:


  • Discuss one positive attribute of this community based on your assessment findings.


Barriers or Challenges:


  • Discuss one barrier and/or challenge of this community based on your assessment findings.




  • Examine one area of opportunity that can be addressed through health promotion and support your recommendations with evidence.




Cite a minimum of two sources in APA format to complete this assignment. Sources must be:

  • Published within the last five years.
  • Appropriate for the assignment criteria.
  • Relevant to nursing practice.