Is Child Obesity a Reflection of Parental Negligence

This needs to be a 3 slide power point

1. Slide 1-Introduction and Brief Lit Review Synopsis
a. Clearly state your Research Question and 1 to 2 sentences about why this topic is important.
b. Here you want to highlight 1 or 2 studies you read and discuss the conclusions/information you drew from the studies you included in your lit review. Keep this section brief and very focused.

2. Slide 2- Hypothesis(ses) and Method
a. Clearly state your hypothesis(ses) you proposed for this study.
b. Present the highlights of your proposed method
i. Focus on the design, who the participants will be and the number you expect to need, provide a list of the measures and state the procedures briefly and clearly.

3. Slide 3- Proposed Results and Discussion with a concluding thought
a. Proposed Results –focus briefly on the statistical plan (list these) and clearly summarize the expected results
b. Proposed Discussion- focus on summarizing what the expected results could mean for the topic you are studying.
c. Verbally state a 1 to 2 sentence concluding thought summing up your entire proposal and what you hope to learn. You may want to revisit your research question for this.
d. References (You can include these if you have space, but not necessary since I will have your papers, but include in-text citations where applicable)

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