Explanation of the relationship between academic integrity and writing Essay

Academic Integrity

How Grammarly, Safe Assign, And Paraphrasing Contributes to Academic Integrity
The Relationship Between Professional Practices and Scholarly Ethics

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Academic writing and integrity are two parallel aspects that can not be separated as far as academia is concerned. Students in college, university, and all other writers, in general, are required to acknowledge all thoughts, ideas, and opinions they borrow from other peers when coming up with their original work (Morris, 2018; Adhiambo, 2019). Incorporating one’s work without citation is categorized as cheating and is often punished in various ways in institutes of higher learning. In the modern era of technology, the software has been introduced to help detect plagiarism in academic papers. Software such as Grammarly and SafeAssign is used by many students, scholars, and universities to assist in detecting plagiarized parts of academic papers so as to take the next appropriate action.

SafeAssign is a software that uses Artificial Intelligence to compare a submitted paper to the databases of academic work available online (BLACKBOARD). The software thereafter generates a plagiarism report that highlights the areas with overlapping content and their respective sources. This software has been helpful to institutes of higher learning and publishing companies as through it, they are able to detect plagiarism from a paper submitted either by a student or any other writer (Elkhatat et al., 2021). Similarly, Grammarly, a San Francisco based company, uses artificial Intelligence to detect not only similarity between the submitted work and online content but also grammatical errors in the paper.

Academic ethics detect that all writers should be original in their work. While the biggest challenge in adhering in this rule is that most of the work tends to have been done, citing the content is an indication that the writer is aware of other people’s work. The rise of technology in the 21st century has enhanced academic integrity as papers can now with checked for plagiarism through platforms such as SafeAssign and Grammarly, among others.

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