Ethics in Leadership

Assess the ethical nature of leadership by studying a current or historical leader. BILL Gates Choose a famous leader with readily available information (e.g., press releases, organizational websites, published biographies, etc.) that you can research. BILL Gates

Prepare a biographical introduction of your chosen leader that summarizes:
• who the leader is,
• what era the leader came from,
• what organization the leader is or was affiliated with,
• why this leader is worthy of study,
• the specific leadership theory/style this leader used, citing specific examples and research to support your assessment.

Analyze this leader in terms of; moral intelligence and credibility as a leader, citing evidence to support your perspectives. Specifically, this section should assess any gaps between espoused values and actual behaviors.

Analyze the alignment of the leader’s values and behaviors with the organizational values expressed in vision, mission, and value statements of the organization most closely affiliated with the leader, as well as any other indicators of organizational culture.

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Finally, synthesize a personal reflection of “lessons learned” that includes at least two key take away that you can apply to your own leadership practice.