Discussion Response: Research Use


My organization uses research in different ways. One of them is provided articles, guides, and resources on the unit to be informed. Another way is signing up for different classes in the hospital that would essentially provide you with more knowledge on skills and updated practices if there were any changes. I do like both of these, however, I do feel that my hospital should provide a tad bit more research material to employees. When I did my clinical, I was at a different hospital, and that hospital was quite bigger. What I really liked there was that they had a library in the hospital and it was open to any employee there. They even let us, nursing students be in there and utilize the resources. I did find that useful in case anyone would want to research something specific. I wish the hospital I work at would have the same. Currently, there is a research gap and an evidence-based practice gap. According to Kristensen et al., (2016), “There is broad evidence that there is a substantial gap between the healthcare that patients receive and the practice that is recommended – also known as the research-practice gap, evidence-practice-gap or knowing-doing gap. Evidence suggests that it sometimes takes more than a decade to implement research results in clinical practice and that it is often difficult to sustain innovations over time. This is critical, not only for patients, who thereby fail to receive the best treatment and care available but also for healthcare organizations and society, who miss out on the potential financial value gains and returns on investment.” I do think organizations should have some designated place where they are free to do research and feel safe to do this research.


Kristensen, N., Nymann, C., & Konradsen, H. (2016). Implementing research results in clinical practice- the experiences of healthcare professionals. BMC health services research, 16, 48. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12913-016-1292-y

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Discussion Response: Research Use

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Your discussion post offers an informative discourse in research use within your organization. I like that you talk of articles, guides, and resources being provided in the unit. These are good sources of information on research conducted by others. In addition, I like that you talk of education programs (classes) offered in the organization. This is a good way to improve knowledge and skills as experts who are more knowledgeable on the topic areas are engaged to facilitate the classes. Besides that, I like that even as you acknowledge and applaud the efforts made by the organization, you highlight strategies that can be adopted to improve the amount of research material available to the staff. Having a library is good as it brings together different research publications that the staff can access. Additionally, I like that you talk about the existing research gap and evidence-based practice gap, noting that research results take a long time to implement in clinical practice and that innovation is difficult to sustain over time. These are significant concerns as they imply that patients do not receive the best possible care, and medical organizations miss out on potential financial gains. While your discussion is informative, I feel that it can be improved. Firstly, there is a need to highlight the value of a librarian with regards to efficient management of publications and simplifying the use of the library. Having a librarian ensures that users are able to easily and speedily access the research information they require (Shellenbarger, 2019). Secondly, there is a need to comprehensively discuss the negative effects of the gap between research and evidence-based practice in clinical practice. This gap not only affects the patients and organization but also affects the medical personnel as it exposes them to unnecessary risks and adds to their workload. For instance, a health information system would reduce the amount of time that nurses spend writing and maintaining patient files (Schmidt & Brown, 2019). Overall, your discussion post has been well presented but could be improved by including the two mentioned points.


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